Welcome to Mastitis Conference 2019

On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the IDF Mastitis Conference, we are proud and happy to announce that the next IDF Mastitis Conference will take place from 14 to16 May 2019 in Copenhagen. The venue will be DGI-BYEN in the heart of Copenhagen and the conference, under the aegis of the International Dairy Federation (IDF), will be hosted by SEGES in collaboration with various research and development institutions.

The IDF Mastitis Conference will gather experts from around the world, with knowledge and passion for udder health and milk quality. There will be excellent opportunity to network and exchange ideas for all professionals with core interest in milk. Please join us in Copenhagen on 14 to 16 May 2019 – we are looking forward to seeing you!


Jaap Boes                                                                                     Tariq Halasa

Chairman, Local Organizing Committee                                 Chairman, Scientific Committee




Pre-conference May 14, 2019
Mastitis Conference May 15 – 16, 2019
Technical tour May 17, 2019
Venue DGI-Byen, Copenhagen
Registration Opens in February 2019
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